Fasting for Future

Fasting for Future

Based on the Fridays For Future Movement, we will be fasting every Friday from 0:00 to 24:00, starting 20. September 2019 (Global Climate Strike). We will not eat anything for one day a week and thus send a strong signal against the system of overconsumption to point out the urgency of the climate crisis.
We show determination and put awareness on living a sustainable culture. Every Friday we gather in public places in front of central institutions (parliaments, town halls, etc.) to live the new culture: we connect in community, hold community meetings, do art, music, rituals, meditations, yoga and inform passers-by.

We call on leaders and decision makers to speak the truth and act accordingly to protect life on this planet.

– Attention should be drawn to the massive greenhouse gas emissions of the food industry
– Show solidarity with all those people who are starving because of climate change
– Awareness and reference to the danger that a collapse of the existing food supply system is possible. Droughts, over-fertilization, depleted soils, dependence on food imports and a lavish consumer culture are indications or reasons for this
– The action sets a sign and shows that everyone must be ready to leave their own comfort zone. If this does not happen now and voluntarily, nature will sooner or later force us to do so
– Fasting shows a determination that goes far beyond mere words and achieves visibility through action and energy. Unlike a hunger strike, however, the body is not weakened, but clarity, determination and direction are carried into the world
Humility and modesty live: two virtues that are completely neglected in consumer culture. The apparent omnipotence and the limitlessness of the possibilities conveyed by the advertising industry represent central and momentous aspects in the climate crisis


Fasting means for us at least that you eat nothing and drink nothing but water and herbal tea. Possible further stages of fasting are
– no smoking and no narcotics or stimulants
– no Cars or Aeroplanes. Only bike and public transport, walking, swimming, dancing.
– no use of electronic devices and digital communication. No mobile phones.
– no cosmetic products and self-optimization
– mental detoxification: only constructive, loving thoughts and no bad talk or gossip. Write love letters and poems.
– not spending any money. But make presents

We recommend that pregnant and nursing mothers do not completely abstain from eating, as the detoxification process stimulated by it would lead to the fetus / baby getting the toxins. All other stages of fasting are definitely great for the little one.
You can join without coming to the meeting places. The power of fasting and alignment also works without you showing it in public.

It is the people who stand in the way of living in harmony with nature and its limited resources. To fast one day a week is not enough to achieve a net zero emission. But it is a symbolic sign and a beginning and helps the participants to focus more clearly on a sustainable way of life in the following areas:

Many of the Western diseases of civilization are caused by deficiency and over-nutrition (too few nutritious and biodynamic foods with too much mass production). Eating less in the western countries does not harm anyone and helps many. Sustainable action in the nutrition sector is thus even health-promoting and also feels good. This is not a wellness program, but a new form of political action. A sustainable culture emerges and grows only if we live the life we ​​demand: awareness, clear choices, a better life for all!

We live in a culture of acceleration. Faster Higher Further. The earth, however, is turning slowly. If container cargo ships were to run at half the speed of their current operation, they would consume only one-eighth of the oil. On German highways, there are still no speed limits on many routes, resulting in a huge waste of energy. A more conscious behavior would also lead to a much more economical consumption.
Fasting gives the body time to rest from digestion. Our senses open, our thoughts experience deceleration. We empty ourselves to find room for the important things.

Human behavior contributes to the human morphogenetic field, which in turn affects and influences all human behavior. With conscious actions, thoughts and feelings directed towards community, trust, love, creativity and nature, we can strengthen the healing field and oppose destruction, egoism and separation.

Many religions practice ritual fasting. Although the traditions are different, they all have in common that fasting always means to reflect, to think and to come to oneself through conscious renunciation. By clearly aligned fasting, we can mobilize greater spiritual powers to help us spread a new culture of love. The effect throughout the field is thereby enhanced. Through a holistic, nature-loving and spiritual connection, the futility of hedonistic consumer life is broken up.


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